Musique en ligne

Publiher's role

The Music Publisher's role is vital in the process which allows musical works to be created, selected and delivered as a high quality content to the public. Music publisher role consists in discovering author or composer, in nurturing the writers, in making the musical work known trough adequate electronics means. Music Publisher are now adapting and meeting the challenge of the new and evolving needs of consumers. The digital technology revolution will allow Music Publisher to enhance their commitment to the creativity of their writers whom they all serve. Publishers are moving to a more technologically advanced set up, to complement the current Crucial retailers' activity. E-commerce, the electronic shop front and virtual stock are the new buzzwords for selling sheet music, songbooks, midifiles, masters etc... Innovative Publishers are creating products that consider these new market concepts. Although the semantic abuse of the word 'Publisher' by journalists and record & video's producers has created a lot of confusions. Objectives of publisher consists in looking to the multiple ways in which a composition may be exploited . contrary to the record producer whom is concerned by its recorded version.

Publisher works on a long term

The role of Music publisher is fundamental in the musical chain in continuing to ensure the promotion of the composition. He is committed to make creative investments and providing guidance, resources, moral and financial support to Author or Composer. The publisher offers his A & R team, administration and commercial services, as well as full digital range of access to the evolving world of networked information & interactive multi media to his writers.

Music publisher's control

Publisher remains the essential link between writers and various group of users, Music Publisher offers royalty investigative procedures to respond to the increasing complexity of European centralisation and competition between Societies. Monitoring collection system guarantees correct rates, and improve the deposit of royalties into writers accounts. Publishers are concentrating on the definition and establishment of International, privately driven solutions to provide a global answer for a collective future.

Digital music publisher

The objective of the Music Publisher is to utilize technological innovations and solutions to provide customers with unprecedented selection, customization and instant product delivery, while offering improved profitability to the writers and the publishers. Publishers will be positioned to pré-empt competition in some markets segments and become the single source provider of these services and products : sales of sheet music and songbooks, tutorial methods, lyrics & booklet, midifiles & CDRom, audio play back, distance learning, interactive products off/on line with tv services.