Musique en ligne

Policy of Musique en ligne

"Music is in the heart of extraordinary transformations of communication. Hope for a wide access to culture for all... from a mouse click, should enrol in the respect of individual liberty of creator." "Musique en Ligne" takes into account the specificity of Digital exploitation and necessary control of the increasing possibilities of utilisation of the works, interactivity, interoperability, and user's interface. With the advanced technology, Publishers have to move towards to digital distribution of printed scores, and make their product available over the internet.

The Charter

Publishers of printed music need to protect the rights that they have with music that they publish. The main aim of Musique en Ligne is to provide a strategy to preserve digital printed music, Musical collections, music resources of different types in the respect of the rights of the writers, publishers, and intellectual property. - All deliverables works available from the database have been duly authorized by rights owners. - All Midifiles are corresponding to the 'cahier des charges' established between writers' union, publishers, Midi producers and society of Authors SDRM. The engraving is made accordingly to the above mentioned 'cahier des charges', as "orchestration," to respect the integrity of the works, and the 'Droit moral' of the writers. Every other files are rejected, including digital musical scores made by scanner.

Legal Environment

Music Publishers as a key part of the information world, must address all pertinent aspects of information technology, together with particularly difficult issues regarding protection/reproduction ranging from interactivity, interoperability and intellectual property. They need to ensure that the rights of the works are not considerably weakened into the process of electronic storage and transmission. The act of digitalisation is without contest an act of "graphical" reproduction protected as such under the terms & conditions of the existing conventions. Digital distribution of compositions without authorization, infringe writers 's rights. Works are protected during the entire writer's life and 70 after his death. All full reproduction or partial, without consent agreement of rights owners is illegal : Article L122-4 of CPI. The modification of Article of law of August 1 2000, request an obligation to declare and control any illegal content. Music Publishers are working closely with the government bodies and European commission to get their rights enforced.


"Musique en ligne" is an unique source of information, research, communication and digital distribution. Musique en ligne offers three levels of protection : - The Sibellius software which allows to distribute interactive music efficiently to the consumers, - The secure SSL Cybermut system enabling to guarantee proper payment, - The proprietary encryption technology ensuring the traçability of the work.