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RIVAT Jean-Michel

Born in Vesoul, in 1939 - Author - Producer.

Jean-Michel has been a professional songwriter, record producer for more than 30 years.

He began at the age of eight, and started performing original pop songs in high school. He majored in classical composition at Collège, writing french translation on foreign hits.

Jean-Michel then collaborated with Frank Thomas. The duet créated an unique style, starting with, "2 mn 35 de Bonheur", recorded by Sylvie Vartan, "Bebe Requin", for France Gall, "La Marie-Jeanne", la "Bande à Bonnot", and "Les Daltons", for Jo Dassin, "Des jonquilles aux derniers Lilas", for Hugues Aufray, "Sayonara", for Hervé Vilard, "Made in Normandie", and "l'Avventura", for another duet, Stone and Eric Charden and many more.

He dedicated some time to one of his best friend, Michel Delpech, and delivered more success such as, "Les Divorcés", with Roland Vincent, "Quand j'étais chanteur", "Tu me fais planer", etc...

Studio is the créative workplace for Jean-Michel, he acquired most of his studio knowledge apprenticing under Victoire award winning production for Désireless.

All of his lyrics are deeply personal and unique, and can be appreciated in a new experience with Jean-Marie Leau, and his warm choir, the "Voisins du Dessus".

Jean-Michel RIVAT

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