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Country : France

The Bistrot Lounge

The Bistrot of the Corner is the place where you should have been in order to appreciate how, you will enjoy to be elsewhere !

Place of intemporality, space for exceptional expression already cult, the Bistrot of the Corner is the mythic sanctuary where everybody meet his own nightmare. Everything can happen at the Bistrot of the Corner, including the best.

Sonorous mixed ambiant issued from the earth to the instruments of the new techology of this new turpitude, into an unréal dance iréelle where the I calls the You, theses music reveals the keys for the ultimate tought. The cosmic dimension and the infinite of this universe brings you to the summit of the absolute out of tune.

This ultimate volume of Bistrot Lounge offers more than one hour of music flooded with peace. All the tracks are remixed by the best dj's of such cosmic place.

Trough the magic beam of laser, you will found the sonorous universe tinged with spirituality of the Bistrot of the Corner, the essential way for the inside escape and a better digestion.!


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